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Great East Coast Telemaster, Jim Weider, formerly with The Band
San Francisco guitarist/composer Katsumi Asazawa and his band The Dubinaires
Jere Mendelsohn is a great guitarist, composer & vocalist with original tunes. Will Ray (Hellecasters) said "There's only one guy who could fill my shoes..."
The Phil Brodie Band
Phil Rocks!!
Check out his playing, He puts his heart and soul into every note. His guitar collection is equally as impressive.
Kudos to Bev, GREAT site!
Dieter Geike hails from Germany and played with BLONKER, a well known German band. Take a listen to his work

In memory...

One of the greatest..Danny Gatton...the humbler
Ted Greene Tribute Page
Nick Ogilvie
1937- 2004...peace dear friend.
Founding member of the PH Phactor Jug Band. One of the original jug bands from the 60's San Francisco scene
Michael Brecker
March 29, 1949 – January 13, 2007
A musician's musician. Check out his album with Claus Ogerman "Cityscapes". Beautiful....what every musican strives for, feeling, tone, harmonic mastery and dynamics. This is an important lesson

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Heritage Guitar WebSite Link

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CenterStream Publications
Home for Greg's instruction books
"Melodic Lines for the Intermediate Guitarist" and
"The Chord Scale Guide", both distributed by Hal Leonard
Visit Ron Veil at UncleSpot: The best in tube amp restoration
Ed Eblen, an in demand L.A. drummer and president of E-Pad!, drum practice pads

Luthier Tim Diebert of TimTone Guitars makes beautiful guitars that sound as good as they look

Wanna know what year your guitar is? Find out at Dr. Ducks Dating Service
More guitar links at Guitar Notes.
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